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    2. About the Curriculum Authors

    1. Opening Up About Money: Why it Matters

    2. Balancing The Value Of Time And Money: Opportunity Costs in Real-life

    3. Managing Your Cost of Living: Inflation’s Impact

    4. Future You: Career Development - Climb a Ladder or a Rock Wall?

    5. Future You: Investigating Career Prospects and Pathways

    6. Future You: A Cost of Living Comparison

    1. Buy Now Pay Later - What Every Consumer Should Know

    2. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL): Convenient or Costly?

    3. Car-flation: Managing the Surge in Car Ownership Costs

    4. THE Ultimate Budget Project

    5. Understanding Consumer Trends: Insights from the Taking Stock With Teens® Survey (Scavenger Hunt)

    6. Future You: Navigating the Realities of Housing Affordability

    1. Smart Banking Decisions: Exploring Checking vs. Savings Accounts & Big Banks vs. Credit Unions

    1. What Psychological Factors Come into Play When Investing?

    2. Compounding Magic: Unlocking the Exponential Power of Compounding Interest

    3. Do Actively Managed Funds Outperform Passively Managed Funds?

    4. Investing: A Case for Diversification

    5. Is The Stock Market the Economy?

    6. Navigating the Investment Landscape: A Guide to Brokerage Accounts and Popular Investment Options

    7. Invest Club Lessons (12 lessons for student clubs)

    1. Drive Smarter: Navigating the Road Between Leasing and Financing

    2. Managing Credit Cards: Responsibly Using Credit Cards Amidst Record Debt

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