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    1. (1.4 Opportunity Costs) Opportunity Cost in Everyday Life: The Economics of Work-Life Balance

    2. (1.6 Marginal Analysis and Consumer Choice) The Rationality Riddle: Exploring Biases in Everyday Decision-Making

    3. (1.6 Marginal Analysis & Consumer Choice) Dollars and Dough: The Recipe for Girl Scout Cookie Pricing

    4. (2.1 Price Elasticity of Demand) IKEA’s Profitable Pricing: Lower Prices, Higher Sales, Happier Homes

    5. (2.1 Demand & 2.5 Other Elasticities) The Economics of Fall Flavors: Analyzing the Apple Ascendancy

    6. (2.1 Demand & 2.7 CS) Chocolates and Choices: Analyzing Willingness to Pay and Consumer Surplus

    7. (2.3 Price Elasticity of Demand) Elastic Endeavors: PepsiCo, Weight Loss Drugs, and the Fizz of Market Forces

    8. (2.6 Market Equilibrium) Pasta Economics: Analyzing Supply, Demand, and Market Equilibrium in Italy

    9. (2.6 Market Equilibrium) Stacking Up Utility: The Thai Cheeseburger Challenge and Economic Concepts

    10. (2.6 Market Equilibrium and Consumer & Producer Surplus)) Pricing Perplexities: Parsing the Puzzles of Dynamic and Surge Strategies

    11. (2.6 Consumer & Producer Surplus) Caffeinated Costs: the Microeconomics Behind Your Espresso

    12. (2.6 Consumer and Producer Surplus) CS & PS in the Ride-Hailing Gig Economy

    13. (2.7 Changes in Equilibrium) Bittersweet Business: Breaking Down the Cocoa Price Crunch

    14. (2.7 Changes in Equilibrium) Supply and Demand Shifters Examples in Global News

    15. (2.8 Effects of Government Intervention in Markets) Chipotle's California Challenge: New Minimum Wage Law, New Food Prices

    16. (2.8 Government Intervention) The Slippery Slope of Soda Taxes: a Fizz-ical Responsibility?

    17. (2.9 International Trade & Public Policy) The Peanut Butter Tariff Puzzle: the E.U.'s "Sticky" Decision

    18. (2.9 International Trade & Public Policy) Tariffs on Tin Mill Steel Imports: Who Wins?

    19. (3.3 LR Production Costs & 3.4 Types of Profit) Frugal Frontiers: India’s Moon Landing is a Reminder to Business Owners on Earth (Costs & Production)

    20. (3.7 Perfect Competition & 4.1 Imperfect Competitiony) How Chinese-Driven Nickel Investments Creates Price Takers

    21. (4.1 Intro to Imperfectly Competitive Markets) Airlines to Video Games: A Comparative Study of Market Structures

    22. (4.4 Monopolistic Competition) Squishy Economics: Cuddly Clones or Distinct Designs?

    23. (4.5 Monopolistic Competition & 4.5 Oligopoly) Supermarket Sweepstakes: Mergers, Markets, and Money Matters

    24. (4.5 Game Theory) Parcel Power Play: Amazon's Ascendance

    25. (5.1 Intro to Factor Markets) Disruption and Differential: Decoding AI's Dual Impact on Jobs and Wages

    26. (6.1 Social Efficiency & 6.2 Externalities) Pickleball: Paddles and Public Problems

    27. (6.4 The Effects of Government Intervention in Different Market Structures) Apple's Storage: iCloudy with a Chance of Regulation

    28. (6.4 Effects of Government Intervention in Different Markets) Google's Gigantic Grip: Market Leadership in the Digital Age

    1. (1.4) Comparative Advantage in Startups: Optimal Decision Making and Efficiency

    2. (2.4 Price Indeces & Inflation) Price Puzzles: Exploring the Deflation Dynamics in the U.S. Economy

    3. (3.3 Short-Run Aggregate Supply) Supply Surges and Spending Shifts: Stabilizing Inflation

    4. (3.5 Equilibrium in the AD-AS Model & 6.5 Changes in the FEM and Net Exports) Exporting Prosperity: The Role of a Weak Yen in Japan’s Economic Boost

    5. (3.8 Fiscal Policy & 5.7 Public Policy and Economic Growth) Loan Logic: Exploring the Moral Hazards of the SAVE Repayment Plan

    6. (4.1 Financial Assets) The New Norms of Interest: The Market's Most Crucial Cost

    7. (4.6 Monetary Policy & 6.4 Effect of Changes in Policies on FEM) Cutting Costs in the Alps: Surprising Swiss Monetary Action Aims to Boost Investment

    8. (5.4 Government Deficits and the National Debt) Debt Dilemmas: the Dynamics of the $34 Trillion Threshold

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