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    1. The Rationality Riddle: Exploring Biases in Everyday Decision-Making

    2. Opportunity Cost

    1. Supply & Demand (Italian Pasta Prices)

    2. Supply and Demand Examples & Graph Practice (Tons of Current Examples)

    3. Airlines to Video Games: Growth Industries and Regulation

    1. Consumer Surplus and Willingness to Pay (Men Buying Chocolate)

    2. Consumer choice, Diminishing marginal utility, and Government subsidies (the Thai Cheeseburger)

    3. The Economics of Fall Flavors: Analyzing the Apple Ascendancy

    4. Frugal Frontiers: India’s Moon Landing is a Reminder to Business Owners on Earth (Costs & Production)

    5. Google's Gigantic Grip: Market Leadership in the Digital Age

    6. Pickleball: Paddles and Public Problems

    7. Elastic Endeavors: PepsiCo, Weight Loss Drugs, and the Fizz of Market Forces

    1. Price Puzzles: Exploring the Deflation Dynamics in the U.S. Economy

    2. Exporting Prosperity: The Role of a Weak Yen in Japan’s Economic Boost

    1. Tariffs on Tin Mill Steel Imports: Who Wins?

    2. Applying Ricardo's Comparative Advantage to Startup Marketing: Issues with the Jack-of-All-Trades Approach

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